Spools of Thought. #1

My inner-Robin is calling to the forefront of my mind.

My inner-Robin is calling to the forefront of my mind.

Sometimes when I cannot fathom a real story, or post in this case, I just write whatever comes to mind. I call them spools of thought for the notion that our thoughts can be much compared to string around a spool, ready to be sewn.

What I cannot surmise in this life is grasping reality. Like I’ve said before, I live in a dream land of my own accord with all the special effects elements you could think of. I’m someone who is fully affected by the weather. For the past few days we’ve had nothing but dense fog and mist, and being that I live in glass, I always note the weather trends as they occur. Mist really puts me out. It actually has a way of tuning out my good conscious and making me wonder about things when in reality, I should be studying for my finals and exploring around the city as usual.

I find it hard to concentrate thereafter. It’s like being in a book! And I end up narrating my thoughts and actions so perfectly, I always think I should have a scribe following me around. I swear my most conformed words only occur when I don’t have a pen handy. Does this ever happen to you, whoever you are?

Sophisticaters, I call you, because it should be a worthy title. You should be credited with such an honorific. But now I feel as though I cannot even credit A Sophisticate. I fear I cannot uphold my title.

Peaks and valleys, is one of my old mottos. I just happen to be in a valley.

To put it short:  I’d like to have my shit together at this moment. Yet I don’t. I need to clue into reality. Like a reminder of some sort. You know, like the proverbial sounds of an oncoming train…?

A reminder…a reminder….

Does anyone have any suggestions for this rut? A rope or ladder perhaps? I’d take a helicopter too. I’d very much like to get back to my life now.


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