We Are Axioms.

It has long been an axiom of mine that the little things are infinitely the most important. -Sir Arthur Conan Doyle


I’m back in my hometown for the holidays. It’s only really been three weeks since I’ve visited but somehow, there’s always changes. Brief little things that no one really thinks important, but usually shifts things around for me.

For instance, the neighbours cut down their tree in the front of their lawn. Why? I have no clue. I can only say it makes their house look unforgiving and I’d never visit it.

I’m surrounded by trees again (minus the one) and while that always provides a breath of fresh air, I can’t help but wonder why everything seems so much more industrialized. What is it with people and not being able to let nature go? Honestly, there are some things that you seriously shouldn’t tamper with, no?

Well, I think so. I think so enough for the both of us, fellow sophisticater for the Butterfly Effect seems to me to be true.

For those of you who don’t know, the Butterfly Effect is when a small minimalistic change has drastic and unyielding consequences. Like the ripple effect. Then you have things in this world that are axioms, irrefutable truths pretty much. It’s the type of thing that puts Occam’s Razor out of business.

What am I trying to say exactly? That faith holds no boundaries, essentially. I revere the earth because that’s what we came from. I believe in the Butterfly Effect because how else do we explain coincidences? And axioms exist because, well, in a way aren’t we all axioms?

I’m just saying. *shrug* It’s really all a girl needs to believe in. With all these religions battling against one another to claim supremacy, why can’t a rational, sophisticated girl step back and just say, My idea makesย more sense to me? I may not know a lot of science or maths, I may not struggle like others to define themselves through a higher being but this I know to be true: We exist, sophisticaters. We truly do.


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