Fairy Village.


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Oasis.

You may have heard of my long lost friend named Amelia. Amelia, like every intriguing teen character, lived in a village that could be compared to where the Order of the Phoenix resides. By this I mean the village only appeared when you wanted it to. That wasย when she wasn’t so long lost, however.

Fairy Village is my Oasis.

Tuckedย behind a large apartment was the most romantic little fairy village my town had to offer. Lots of old people lived there. Upon visiting for the first time I was baffled. She explained that even the postman couldn’t find her house sometimes, and often got confused, leaving their mail at the place down the street.

Fairy Village was from then on our little oasis. The name stuck. It had a courtyard in the centre with a long field of grass. Every house looked the same, but the facades were so uniquely designed that it didn’t matter. Being in the village felt like you weren’t even on the same planet–cut off from the rest of the world.

The best part of Fairy Village was her house. Number Eight. The one with the harp chimes dangling above her front door. Her house was small, and it had this ugly black wallpaper that she hated but I loved. There was something about that house that seemed so unreal, untouchable. Only later would I think it like a museum, with the oddestย art pieces. Part of my attraction to that house was the piano she had in it. I’d never met a piano player before her, and she had the hands for it too I’d always thought. I asked her to play me something, she sat down and right when the song started I fell in love with that house. With Fairy Village.

We had lots of great moments in that village too. We had a sleepover once, as if we ever actually slept, and spent the night running around the village and doing things that would incur the restless minds of teenagers. That same night we went up to her room to watch sunrise. Platonic. 6AM hangouts were the norm after that.

It was the place where we first expelled our secrets to one another, and established a foundation for our friendship. There’s nothing more magical than friendship *cheesy voice*.

Fairy village was something out of a fairy tale.

I loved it.


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