A Superhuman Appraisal.


This is in response to the Daily Prompt “Daring Do”.

I do think of myself as a superhero and just flying high, and doing all these crazy flips.

Gabby Douglas everyone, the Olympic athlete. Except I’m not a gymnast and it isn’t my day job to flip around with a real purpose. Sometimes I wonder just what the hell I was thinking when I decided to stick to books….

My save story:

So, there was a car, there was a girl and a backpack, I pulled the girl out of the way, went back for her backpack. I was young, so really the only version of this story to still exist in my head is the overly romanticized version where the car was fast like a train and, very unrealistically, wouldn’t stop for my friend who was skippingย on the street.

That part didn’t matter though. You see sophisticators, when you save your best friend from an imminent accident, you become sort ofย great. You have this air of superhuman appeal. People notice you at school, talk about you on the school bus. Hell, even my (fourth grade) teacher heard about the story and asked me if it were true.

Of course it was true…save for the fact that her life was in actual danger. Too young to care, I told her yes and the class clapped for me. Since then, I was known as the mediator on the playground. Kids would come to me with their issues and ask for advice in return. And I’d help them like the good Samaritan I was.

I’m actually quite surprised looking back at it now that some good came from that. I helped a lot of kids with my new reputation, and it last all the way up until high school.

A Sophisticate…A Superhuman….

Nope, too corny.

Daring Do