First Post

First posts are to be basic. Direct. Explaining exactly what I’m here to offer.

How about an escape?

In a nutshell, for one cannot exactly think of the multitude of offerings they have to give at a moment’s notice. The reason for this blog is to connect with people. To share dreams by the means that I know the most–through words.

I love words.

I have a real penchant for them as well. I write. Though, you may never see my true work. The reason for this is that I plan to make this blog personal. About myself. Tethering written works with personal accounts allows for a muddled image of what the work is. It cannot receive it’s full potential by this notion. It will be omitted then.

I tell you, I write critically, as I am a critical person. But I am at no means serious. I like adventure. I adore fantasy. And I truly believe that a day can be made better by picking up a book and sinking into a couch with it.

I drink Pike roast. I listen to Chopin. I love fashion and books. I’m 20. I study the environment, and I have absolutely no map in my head for where I want to go. I’m a young woman. And as all young woman can probably relate–I just wish to find myself.

I wonder who will follow–if anyone would follow. But know this: I choose to share myself with you. You can ask me questions and I will answer. Why? Because it’s another way to branch out.

You can follow me on Instagram @asophisticate. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, you know. So by that, I suppose I say a lot on that stream of social media. Hell, I might even follow back.

On that note, I’ll end my first post and the real blog will begin.